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What is AHNYX?

What is Ahnyx?

What is AHNYX?

  • A Streaming Music Delivery Platform 
  • Streaming platform for local, regional and breakout bands from around the world
  • Every genre is represented from Classical, Jazz, Rock, Country, Metal, Christian, etc.
  • You can stream HD 320kbs (3X what Spotify provides) Audio for just 14.99 a month

A Streaming Video Platform

  • You can stream all the way UP to 4k Video of your Music, Gigs, Practices,
  • You can AUTOMATICALLY RESTREAM to Facebook, and many others, NO need for a restream.co account that costs MORE than we charge for

A Podcasting audio/video platform

  • Start your Podcasting today, just 14.99 per month for audio and 28.99 for Video

A Local/Regional/National Musician’s platform to provide enhanced branding for YOU and YOUR MUSIC

  • An HD Audio Channel streaming JUST YOUR MUSIC
  • LIVE STREAM your LIVE GIGS with VIDEO and HD Audio right from your phone or computer.
  • Advertise your Gigs, Events. With map-based EVENTS that show YOUR area
  • Sell your Band “Merch” ONLINE in our store.to our

An open integration for developers to share Ideas and foment teamwork.

NO NEED to get your own Credit Card Processer. We provide an Open E-Commerce Platform for you to sell your own merchandise or accept DONATIONS and get paid via:

  • Pay Pal
  • 2Checkout
  • Net
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Venmo
  • CashApp

Rock Solid SSL Connections across the entire platform

  • Ultra-Fast & responsive Data Center and Servers with 99.999% Uptime, Rock Solid Linux Environment
  • Multi-Server deployment to handle the load
  • The ability for Bands to upload and manage their own playlists on their OWN streaming radio Station.
  • Most Internet Radio is streamed at 128Kbps, We TRIPLE that at 320Kpbs. MORE HIGH QUALITY, Hear MUSIC the way it was RECORDED!
  • SIXTEEN Gigabyte Backbones, Diesel Powered Backup & Climate Controlled Environment

A group of DEDICATED people who care about quality, details, AND SERVICE to our fellow man, and above all, to THE MUSIC.

We are not a giant company; we are just people with giant hearts.

You will love our idea, our features, but you will REALLY love the WAY we lend a hand.


What do I get for 14.99 a Month

 Your OWN 24/7/365 Audio Feed for your band or artist. You can upload music directly to your own radio station and it

  • You can connect to the stream using your phone or computer and broadcast AUDIO LIVE any time you want…at your gigs, practices,
  • Sell your Band Merch online to our visitors including YOUR listeners
  • Free AHNYX.COM Email accounts
  • A Credit Card Processing setup
  • Your Own PODCAST is included

What do I get for 28.99 a Month       

Everything in the  14.99 memberships PLUS

  • The ability to stream up to 4k Video LIVE from your own TV Station
  • Restream for FREE to all of the major Social Media Platforms, no need to pay restream.co